GoodLife Clients from Coast to Coast Support GoodLife Fitness Professionals!

We’ve received a great positive response and many words of encouragement from the public about our GoodLife campaign to support fitness professionals in their union drive. Here is just a sample:

“As a member of GoodLife for over four years, I can testify that the Les Mills fitness instructors at GoodLife are the strongest, most supportive people I know. I am grateful to them for helping me become and stay healthy and even joyful. I wish GoodLife would appreciate them instead of paying senior executives as much as possible and paying instructors and other employees as little as possible. I hope unionizing gets the instructors basic rights like insurance in the case of injury on the job and benefits, like physiotherapy, to help them prevent and heal from work-related injury as well as much deserved pay increases. Fitness instructors are the heart and soul of GoodLife. A boat cruise once a year is nice, but workers’ rights and fair wages are nicer. Courage!” – Kristine, Ottawa

“The staff at my Goodlife deserve infinitely better wages and working conditions. I support this union drive 100%.” – Emily, Toronto

“I greatly value the work that the GoodLife instructors do. I support this campaign and hope it is successful!” – Mandeep, Nova Scotia

“I’ve worked in the fitness industry for 20 years and it makes me sick how fitness professionals are treated and paid.  I’ve brought up numerous issues to head office only to be blown off.”  Leah, British Columbia

“As a Goodlife Member I fully support fitness professionals’ fight for fairness.” – Kim, Ontario

“I’m really happy to see Good Life employees standing up for themselves.  I am aware that Good Life expects employees to “donate” their time to attend work functions.  In other words they are “voluntold” to attend meetings and that’s just the beginning!  I appreciate the work they do with a cheerful smile!  I honestly don’t know how they do it and would like to see things improve for them!” – Sharon, Ontario

“I would be much happier as a Goodlife member if the hard-working employees had a union.” – Jason, Canada

“I fully support your efforts. I have been a member of the plaza club since it opened in 1993 as a Sports Clubs of Canada gym, before being taken over by Ballys and then GoodLife. I have had a trainer at the gym for over 10 years. GoodLife employees deserve their fair share. A company is only as good as their employees. GoodLife’s success is in large part to employees. I hope you succeed.” – Kevin, Toronto

Please continue sending us your messages of support for GoodLife workers!