Personal Trainers vote yes for a union!

After reaching an agreement with GoodLife around bargaining unit descriptions that had delayed the voting results, yesterday afternoon the ballots were counted and the results are in:

City of Toronto Personal Trainers have agreed to form a union and are now represented by Workers United!

Group Fitness Instructors, however, have voted not to be represented by a union.

Throughout this campaign and voting process we have always taken the position that workers themselves should decide on whether they wanted to form a union. While we are excited to have Personal Trainers join us, we respect the decision by Instructors to not join a union at this time. We are confident, however, they will be next time.

For Instructors who supported us, please rest assured that this is only a temporary setback and that we will continue working with you so that we can re-file again within a year’s time.

As we work with Personal Trainers to develop a strong collective agreement – one that sees positive changes and improvements in working conditions at GoodLife – we remain positive that other gyms across the GTA and Canada will see the benefits of forming and joining a fitness union. We will continue our efforts to ensure all Goodlife workers have the rights and protections at work that they deserve.

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks and gratitude to everyone on the Organizing Committee who has worked so hard during this campaign.

We will soon be scheduling meetings to discuss electing representatives for bargaining and additional next steps. Further detailed information will be sent very shortly.