Radio Interview: From ‘No Union’ to Pro-Union


Personal Trainer Eris Collins and union representative Adrie Naylor were interviewed on CIUT 89.5FM about the #RespectFitnessWorkers campaign.

Eris also talked about her initial apprehension towards the union and what caused her to change her mind (starting at 33:55).

Listen here:

Paid Sick Day campaign featured on CBC

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 7.52.14 AM

CBC News has an important story about paid sick days that features personal trainer DeJanai Love.

Like many of us, DeJanai has had to work while sick or injured because GoodLife doesn’t provide any paid sick days.

Why is this? GoodLife is a hugely successful company that can afford to provide paid sick days. GoodLife is a health club company which promotes health and wellness as part of its core philosophy. If other health club companies provide paid sick days, GoodLife can too.

We continue to press GoodLife on this issue. We believe that we will win.