Paid Sick Day campaign featured on CBC

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CBC News has an important story about paid sick days that features personal trainer DeJanai Love.

Like many of us, DeJanai has had to work while sick or injured because GoodLife doesn’t provide any paid sick days.

Why is this? GoodLife is a hugely successful company that can afford to provide paid sick days. GoodLife is a health club company which promotes health and wellness as part of its core philosophy. If other health club companies provide paid sick days, GoodLife can too.

We continue to press GoodLife on this issue. We believe that we will win.

More Personal Trainers Vote for a Union

GoodLife Personal Trainers in Peterborough have joined Toronto and Ajax in voting for a union! This is an important first step in ensuring fairness and better working condition for GoodLife workers.

We encourage other Fitness Professionals who are also interested in making GoodLife a better place to work to consider signing a union card or talking to one of our Union Organizers. Please contact us to get involved.

Personal Trainers vote yes for a union!

After reaching an agreement with GoodLife around bargaining unit descriptions that had delayed the voting results, yesterday afternoon the ballots were counted and the results are in:

City of Toronto Personal Trainers have agreed to form a union and are now represented by Workers United!

Group Fitness Instructors, however, have voted not to be represented by a union.

Throughout this campaign and voting process we have always taken the position that workers themselves should decide on whether they wanted to form a union. While we are excited to have Personal Trainers join us, we respect the decision by Instructors to not join a union at this time. We are confident, however, they will be next time.

For Instructors who supported us, please rest assured that this is only a temporary setback and that we will continue working with you so that we can re-file again within a year’s time.

As we work with Personal Trainers to develop a strong collective agreement – one that sees positive changes and improvements in working conditions at GoodLife – we remain positive that other gyms across the GTA and Canada will see the benefits of forming and joining a fitness union. We will continue our efforts to ensure all Goodlife workers have the rights and protections at work that they deserve.

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks and gratitude to everyone on the Organizing Committee who has worked so hard during this campaign.

We will soon be scheduling meetings to discuss electing representatives for bargaining and additional next steps. Further detailed information will be sent very shortly.

Press Release: GoodLife Instructors and Personal Trainers eagerly await union vote results


GoodLife Instructors and Personal Trainers eagerly await union vote results

TORONTO, June 17, 2016/ – Over 900 Toronto-area GoodLife Fitness Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors cast a ballot during a union certification vote held on June 6th.

Workers United Canada Council, the Union seeking to represent GoodLife Fitness Professionals, initially filed to hold a certification vote for only City of Toronto Instructors and Personal Trainers. However, GoodLife requested that the Labour Board include workers from six other cities in the Greater Toronto area – without those employees’ knowledge or ever having participated in the union drive. As a result, the Labour Board sealed the ballot boxes.

An upcoming Labour Board meeting to resolve this issue between GoodLife and Workers United is scheduled for June 29th, 2016.

“Workers are disappointed that GoodLife has attempted to manipulate the bargaining unit to avoid having Toronto workers unionize,” said Tanya Ferguson, Workers United Organizing Coordinator.

Despite this legal challenge, Workers United argues that votes could be counted for 70% of the undisputed ballots, if both parties agree to it. “It’s pretty straightforward – nearly a thousand workers showed up to decide whether they want a union. We believe the workers’ votes should speak for themselves. Let the workers decide,” Ferguson added.

Fitness professionals have raised a number of issues and concerns regarding working conditions at GoodLife, including: lack of WSIB coverage in case of workplace injuries, wage theft, out of pocket expenses, and forced to sign non-compete clauses that restricts their ability to work as trainers or instructors elsewhere.

For more information contact:

Navjeet Sidhu, Communications (Workers United), 416-510-0887 x274 or